Fabletics Vs Lululemon comparison & Amp Difference- which is better?

In the realm of activewear, Fabletics and Lululemon are two of the most sought-after and well-known sportswear labels available. Both companies provide athletes with fashionable and practical gear that enhances their performance. Which, though, is healthiest for you? Find out which brand is best for you by comparing Fabletics and Lululemon in terms of price, quality, style, and customer service. Now that you can see the similarities and differences between Fabletics and Lululemon, you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Fabletics Vs Lululemon Comparison

The detailed comparison between Fabletics Vs Lululemon is given below-

Fashionable and functional activewear for women is what athleisure labels like Fabletics and Lululemon are known for. Both labels have amassed devoted fan bases thanks to their stylish creations, high-quality fabrics, and expert craftsmanship. Which one, nevertheless, will serve you best? The following comparison of the two brands should help you make a decision.

Fabletics is more affordable than Lululemon. Fabletics is a more wallet-friendly option than Lululemon because of its cheaper costs. On the other hand, Lululemon’s prices tend to be more because of the superior materials and craftsmanship used in their products. The two also diverge in terms of style. While Lululemon typically focuses on traditional classics with subdued tones and simplistic features like logos or graphics, Fabletics offers a wide variety of styles with vivid colors and bold prints.

Both manufacturers provide high-performance materials that aim to be both comfortable and supportive during exercise. Some Lululemon consumers, however, find that the superior construction components of Lululemon’s premium textiles outweigh those of Fabletsics. Another reason to try on both brands is that the cuts they provide might complement different body shapes in different ways.

Due to individual differences in size and taste, there is no “best” option while shopping for athleisure clothes. Make sure you’re receiving exactly what you need by reading up on user reviews, product descriptions, and price ranges for both brands before making a purchase.

Fabletics Vs Lululemon Difference

The key difference between Fabletics Vs Lululemon is given below-

  • Fabletics has reasonable membership costs that are subject to change for people that purchase there, but Lululemon does not.
  • Fabletics offers a wider selection of activewear items than Lululemon does, and at a more wallet-friendly pricing point as well.
  • In contrast to Lululemon, which also maintains brick-and-mortar stores, Fabletics is strictly a web-based business.
  • Fabletics is a more affordable athletic company aimed at fashion-forward shoppers on a tight budget, while Lululemon is known for its high-quality, premium-level performance clothing but commands a heftier price tag.
  • While Lululemon is known for its great in-store experiences, Fabletics’ customer service support team makes use of customer service representatives, live chat, and emails to ensure that customers’ needs are met in a timely manner.

Fabletics Vs Lululemon Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Fabletics Vs Lululemon is given below-

  • The prices at Fabletics are more reasonable than those at Lululemon.
  • In terms of quality, Fabletics products are superior to those sold by Lululemon.
  • Fit and sizing: Lululemon provides greater alternatives for tiny and shorter customers, whereas Fabletics caters to a wider range of body types.
  • Compared to Lululemon, customers believe that purchasing at Fabletics is considerably simpler and more
  • Unlike Lululemon, which specializes in athletic gear, Fabletics sells a wide variety of styles in its online store.Fabletics provides a free, unlimited return policy, while Lululemon allows returns within 30 days of purchase.

Fabletics Vs Lululemon- Which is better and why?

In terms of athleisure wear, Fabletics is the superior option for athletes. Fabletics is well-liked by athletes since it provides all the necessities (comfort, style, and affordability) without breaking the bank. More than that, they deliver your purchase at no cost if it costs $49 or more, regardless of how much you order. With monthly collections designed specifically for your fitness and fashion needs, Fabletics makes it simple to update your look. Fabletics is the best option for all your athletic apparel needs because to these features and their excellent customer service. Lululemon, on the other hand, is more expensive and specializes in yoga wear rather than more general activewear like shorts and tanks. In addition, because they conduct quality control on every order before sending it out, receiving your purchase can take several weeks.


Q: What is the difference between Fabletics and Lululemon?

Price points are where Fabletics and Lululemon most diverge from one another. Lululemon’s concentration is on top quality gear at higher pricing, whereas Fabletics’ subscription model allows clients to save money on high-end activewear. Moreover, although Lululemon typically concentrates on sizes 0-12, Fabletics caters to a larger range of sizes.

Q: How does the pricing compare between Fabletics and Lululemon?

In general, Fabletics’ prices are more reasonable than those at Lululemon. Fabletics offers a membership service wherein clients may save up to 50% off retail prices in addition to receiving free shipping and returns. Lululemon, on the other hand, sells more expensive sportswear at hardly ever discounted prices outside of limited seasonal offerings.

Q: Does Fabletics and Lululemon brand offer sustainable materials?

Answer: Both companies produce green products. Fabletics, like Lululemon, uses eco-friendly materials in many of its products, such as certified BPA/phthalate free stretch knit jersey and moisture wicking fabric made from recycled water bottles. Lululemon also makes several lines with sustainable fabrics like ReNew®, which utilizes discarded plastic bottles to transform them into comfortable and stylish activewear.

Q: Are Fabletics and Lululemon brands available online?

Both brands can be purchased through their own websites and, in some cases, local retailers.

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