Ipsy Vs Boxycharm comparison & Difference- which is better?

Ipsy and Boxycharm are two of the most popular beauty subscription boxes available today. Both offer their customers five deluxe or full-size beauty products for a low monthly price, delivered to their doorstep. They cater to different needs depending on what types of products you’re looking for – from makeup, haircare and skincare to beauty tools – making them both great options for those looking to expand their beauty collection without breaking the bank.

This article will provide a side-by-side comparison of Ipsy vs Boxycharm, covering everything from the cost and customization options to product selection and customer service.. Here is detailed comparison and difference on Ipsy Vs Boxycharm, Now, you will able to understand which is better among them by comparing their every bit of thing in detailed way.

Ipsy Vs Boxycharm Comparison

The detailed comparison between Ipsy Vs Boxycharm is given below-

Ipsy vs Boxycharm Comparison is a great way to shop for beauty products and decide which one will be most beneficial for you.

Ipsy is considered one of the industry’s leading beauty subscription boxes. Ipsy gives customers a box filled with four to five sample-sized beauty and related items based on their profile, as well as the opportunity to receive full-sized products chosen by global experts. This subscription box also provides exclusive discounts, offers tips and tutorials on how to use their products. It comes at an affordable price of $12 per month.

Boxycharm on the other hand, focuses on delivering five or more full/deluxe size beauty items each month rather than sample sized ones. The box typically contains high-end makeup and skincare brands like Morphe, Tarte and Huda Beauty – this at $25 per month. Bonus items are added every month too! In addition, all subscribers can take advantage of Boxycharm’s Charms program where they can earn points that can be exchanged for free products or discounts from select retailers each quarter.

In comparing Ipsy vs Boxycharm, the major differentiating factors stem from pricing and value – Ipsy is budget friendly while Boxycharm offers more expensive but bigger sized products than Ipsy does. Additionally, members of Ipsy can learn new techniques from received product tutorials whereas subscribers of Boxycharm have access to bonus gifts – another feature that boxed users find attractive because it gets them closer to what celebrities use in their day-to-day lives!

Ultimately both subscriptions offer value for their respective prices but depending on what is important for you (paying less with smaller samples vs cheaper prices with bigger samples) you will get a good sense which one is best for you!

Ipsy Vs Boxycharm Difference

The key difference between Ipsy Vs Boxycharm is given below-

• ipsy is a subscription service that sends subscribers monthly GlamBags containing sample-sized makeup and beauty products. Boxycharm, on the other hand, is a subscription service that sends subscribers four to five full-sized luxury beauty items each month.

• The cost of ipsy is approximately $12 per month while Boxycharm costs around $21 per month.

• With ipsy, subscribers receive tailored product recommendations based on their individual beauty profile and preferences. With boxycharm, subscribers receive a predefined box with products that change each month.

• ipsy offers greater variety in terms of the types and brands of products available in their GlamBags, while boxycharm focuses more on specially curated boxes with higher-end brands and products.

• ipsy also provides Video Tutorials in their GlamBag Plus subscriptions which is an additional feature not provided by Boxycharm.

• Additionally, Ipsy caters to consumers who are just starting out learning about makeup and have basic skills, while Boxycharm leans more towards those who want to take their looks to the next level with more advanced techniques and products.

Ipsy Vs Boxycharm Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Ipsy Vs Boxycharm is given below-

– ipsy focuses on personalized samples, while Boxycharm offers full-sized products.

– ipsy uses a point-based reward system and also includes discounts to grow your own makeup collection, while Boxycharm doesn’t have rewards or discounts.

– In ipsy, members are supposed to complete their beauty profiles so the subscription service can send them products that match their skin tone, product preference and lifestyle. While in boxy charm make up kits contains six full sized products with variety of brands for customers.

– iPsy subscribers receive 4 – 5 items each month (typically a mix of sample and deluxe sizes) for about 10$ per month and Boxycharm membership cost around 21$ and monthly boxes contain up to six items – five full size products plus one special bonus item.

-ipsy includes makeup bag every month whereas boxy charm doesn’t include makeup bag or brush value set every months but customer can get the honour of monthly featured makeup artist look..

Ipsy Vs Boxycharm- Which is better and why?

In terms of which subscription box service is better, it really depends on individual preferences. Personally, I prefer ipsy as it provides more personalized experiences. Every month, subscribers answer a beauty quiz that is used to determine the five products they will receive in their gorgemees.

This customization element allows people to get exactly what they want instead of having to settle for a mystery bag like with Boxycharm. Each bag also comes with a set of makeup tutorial videos so members can learn new techniques from influencers and industry professionals.

Additionally, ipsy is more affordable than Boxycharm and therefore makes sense for those on a budget; however, if cost isn’t an issue, Boxycharm may be the better choice as its boxes are usually filled with higher-end brands such as Tarte. Ultimately, neither box has an obvious advantage over the other—it all just comes down to personal preference!


Q1: What is the difference between ipsy and Boxycharm?
A1: The main difference between ipsy and Boxycharm is that ipsy offers a subscription service for makeup, skincare, haircare, nail care, accessories, and tools while Boxycharm offers a monthly subscription of 5-6 full-size beauty products. Additionally, each box contains different items from select brands.

Q2: How much does ipsy cost?
A2: Ipsy subscription packages start at $12 per month including shipping fees.

Q3: How often does Boxycharm send out their box?
A3: Boxycharm sends out their box on the 15th of each month.

I hope you like reading on comparison and difference between Ipsy Vs Boxycharm.

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