Keeps Vs Hims comparison & Amp Difference- which is better?

Keeps and Hims are the two most well-known possibilities among hair loss prescription drugs. Both options provide discreet, individualized medical treatments for hair loss that may be ordered online and delivered to your door without a trip to the doctor. Some of the products offered by Keeps and Hims are similar, but they each have their own distinguishing qualities. In this article, we will give information about “Keeps Vs Hims comparison & Amp Difference- which is better?”

Keeps Vs Hims Comparison

A detailed comparison between Keeps Vs Hims is given below-

Both Keeps and HIMS sell goods for men’s health that make it easier to deal with issues like hair loss and erectile dysfunction. Customers at each platform can consult with on-call medical professionals for guidance on which product (or product bundle) would be most useful to them.

Products like minoxidil foam and DHT blockers, finasteride tablets/gels, and shampoos or scalp treatments are what Keeps specializes in when it comes to reversing hair loss. Rogaine subscriptions allow customers to get automatic shipments of product whenever they run low. Ordering the drug is simple, and the site also provides free consultations with doctors who can prescribe it, as well as free videos and recommendations for getting the most out of these therapies. In contrast to Keeps’ primary emphasis on hair loss in men, HIMS offers both prescription and over-the-counter therapies for a wide range of concerns affecting men’s health, from skin care to mental health to sexual dysfunction.

HIMS does not insist that patients see a doctor before placing an order, but they do stress the value of doing so if complications arise. If a user wants to learn more about these topics before researching a product or service, they can find resources on the site to help them do so. Customers have the option to try products with no financial risk, as there is a satisfaction guarantee period within which they can return the product for a full refund if they are unhappy with the results.

Keeps and HIMS both offer valuable services, but which one is best for you depends on your specific scenario and the needs you have identified through your study. Keeps may be the better choice if your only concern is hair loss, as they focus solely on this issue, but HIMS may be the better choice if you have several issues related to men’s health.

Keeps Vs Hims Difference

The key difference between Keeps Vs Hims is given below-

Hims sells unapproved products, while Keeps sells those that have been shown effective in clinical trials.
While Hims addresses a wider range of male health concerns, Keeps is dedicated entirely to combating baldness and thinning hair.
When it comes to treating hair loss, Keeps employs the combination of finasteride and minoxidil, whereas Hims focuses solely on finasteride.
When it comes to personalized treatment guidance, Keep has group sessions with a licensed medical expert, while Hims does not.
Since Keeps only sells generic medications while Hims only sells brand names, Keeps is the most cost-effective option.
Him’s services lack these supplementary features, while Keep’s interactive technology platform includes an app, quizzes, and educational resources that can help inform a user’s treatment selections.

Keeps Vs Hims Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Keeps Vs Hims is given below-

  • To help men manage hair loss, Keeps provides an online medical platform where a registered healthcare expert can prescribe treatments or items.
  • Digital health and wellness provider Hims focuses on men’s curative and preventative care.
  • Hims provides a holistic approach to health and wellness, with goods for your body, mind, and sex life, in contrast to Keeps’s concentration on preventative measures for baldness.
  • While Hims offers a customized diagnosis and treatment plan, Keeps can help you choose the best hair care regimen for your specific needs.
  • Hims merely requires consumers to fill out a questionnaire answer about their medical history before they can purchase products, whereas Keeps works with licensed doctors to analyze if the products given will be safe for you.

Keeps Vs Hims- Which is better and why?

This article contrasts two online pharmacies, Hims and Keeps. Both provide treatments and products for issues specific to men’s health, like those for balding and erectile dysfunction.

Hims has the most extensive offerings because they stock more things. Medication, hair care items, skincare, and mental health support, as well as access to medical professionals, are made available. When compared to Keep, this results in a more precise diagnosis. Hims also provides a more individualized service, with customizable plans and bundles, a user-friendly website/app, and real-time location tracking. The prices are often lower than those at Keeps as well.

In comparison to Keeps, Hims makes it easier to get your hands on reasonably priced medical care.


Q1. What are the differences between Keeps and Hims?

A1. Keeps treats hair loss, while Hims treats erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and skin care issues, among other things. Hims also provides access to online medical professionals through its telemedicine services.

Q2. How does Keeps compare to Hims in terms of cost?

Whereas Hims charges a set amount for their requested package that includes a diagnosis by an online doctor and medicine if necessary, Keeps offers a selection of product prices based on your needs and preferences.

Q3. Does Keeps offer telehealth support?

A3. No, Keeps does not offer telehealth support like Hims does but they do have service options such as free consultations with dermatologists to discuss questions you might have regarding your individual case of hair loss or skin concerns that can be addressed through their various products and treatments.

Q4. What types of treatments are available through Keeps?

A4: Keeps sells a variety of items to cure hair loss and improve the appearance and feel of your scalp, including prescription meds like finasteride (Propecia) and minoxidil (Rogaine), as well as vitamins, shampoos, conditioners, pills, laser caps, topical gels, and creams.

I hope you like reading on comparison and difference between Keeps Vs Hims.

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