Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway comparison & Amp Difference- which is better?

Rent the latest collections from your favorite designers with sites like Nuuly and Rent the Runway. There is no waiting around for either service, and buyers may get a taste of premium clothing without breaking the bank. Determine which online store provides the best pricing on your preferred labels, from everyday necessities to attention-grabbing extras. In this post, we’ll examine the similarities and differences between two competing services, Nuuly and Rent the Runway, to help you make an informed decision.

Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway Comparison

The detailed comparison between Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway is given below-

Need to rent clothes but can’t settle on a service? Nuuly and Rent the Runway are just two examples of the many online clothing rental services that make it easy to look fashionable without emptying your bank account. Here’s a look at the similarities and differences between Nuuly and Rent the Runway to aid in your decision.

Nuuly is considerably cheaper than Rent the Runway, to begin. Nuuly charges its subscribers $88 per month for six pieces from its selected selection of brands, while Rent the Runway offers a wide variety of subscription plans, starting at roughly $89 per month (depending on the sort of apparel being rented).

Nuuly’s selection is far superior to that of Rent, with sizes ranging from 00 to 26W in both niche and mainstream brands. The runway displays a few designer gowns (wedding, eveningwear, and so on) in sizes 4-14, as well as a few options in e2w (extended sizes up to 26). So, it’s safe to say that Nuuly will have more options if you’re looking for variety, but RTR is the place to go for high-end brands and special events.

While both companies advertise speedy transactions, only nuuly offers free express shipping, and rent the runway requires you to pay extra for either standard UPS ground shipping or expedited 2-day shipping. Nuuly gives its customers an extra week to return things after the initial rental time ends, while RTR gives its customers only four days to return products after they receive them or risk paying the full purchase price.

Last but not least, both businesses excel in customer service by being reachable by phone, email, live chat, and other means at all hours of the day and night. Unlike RTR, however, nuuly allows you to rent the closest products near you instantaneously without depending on delivery timelines because to its contactless pick-up and drop-off mechanism in select areas. In these challenging economic times, it is impossible to refute the quality of service provided by either of these companies. Choose the one that fits your needs the most.

Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway Difference

The key difference between Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway is given below-

  • Compared to Rent the Runway, Nuuly offers a greater selection of brands and sizes.
  • Nuuly’s rental durations are a whole month, while Rent the Runway only offers four or eight days.
  • Customers of Nuuly, in contrast to those of Rent the Runway, are offered the chance to purchase the items they rent at a steep discount if they do not return them.
  • While most nuuly items are better suited for casual use than formal wear, Rent the Runway has a huge selection of designer clothes that can be dry cleaned and worn to formal events.
  • Nuuly offers a wider variety of lower-priced apparel options than Rent the Runway.
  • When compared to Rent the Runway, which only leases apparel, Nuuly also rents out accessories like shoes and jewelry.

Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway is given below-

  • The items you rent on Nuuly, however, are actually for sale, unlike Rent the Runway.
  • Nuuly clearly has more options than Rent the Runway when comparing the two companies’ product catalogs.
  • Nuuly offers unlimited rentals for a set monthly subscription, while Rent the Runway fees per rental and charges extra for exchanges and returns.
  • Nuuly customers can share their outfits on social media with unique links that aren’t available through Rent the Runway.
  • Personal styling services are not what Rent the Runway provides, but members of Nully get access to expert fashion advice from stylists.

Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway- Which is better and why?

Nuuly, in general, offers more versatility, although the answer depends significantly on the particulars of each case. When compared to Rent The Runway, Nuuly’s assortment of over 450 designer and vintage garments is staggering. Whatever you rent from them will look great no matter what kind of appearance you’re going for. Nuuly also offers a large selection of accessories like purses and shoes, which you won’t find at other clothing rental businesses. The collection of styles on Rent the Runway, on the other hand, is smaller, so you may not find anything that calls to you. If you have any questions or issues during your rental, you will find that Nuuly’s customer assistance is much more prompt and helpful than RTR’s. You could give Nuuly a try before returning to RTR because they have a broader assortment of things at lower prices.


Q: What is the difference between Nuuly and Rent the Runway?

The main distinction between Nuuly and Rent the Runway is seen in the subscription pricing. Nuuly is more expensive per month than Rent the Runway, which provides access to 4 items per month for its monthly and annual subscription options. Both provide shoppers with a fun opportunity to update their clothes without sacrificing their sense of style.

Q: Who is Nuuly better than Rent the Runway?

Nuuly’s monthly subscription plan offers more clothing for a little higher charge than Rent the Runway’s rental of four items, making it a potential better fit for consumers who like to frequently alter up their outfit. Shoppers looking to try out pricier items could find more to their liking in Rent the Runway’s stock.

Q: Does Nuuly and Rent the Runway service offer free shipping?

Free delivery on orders over $39 USD and free returns on most purchases are offered by both services if used within the United States.

Q: Does Nuuly have designer clothes?

Modern and vintage styles from illustrious designers and cutting-edge labels are both available at Nuuly.

I hope you like reading on the comparison and difference between Nuuly Vs Rent The Runway.

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