Scentbox Vs Scentbird comparison & Amp Difference- which is better?

Scentbox and Scentbird are unrivaled when comparing other scent subscription services. Both services provide subscribers with huge discounts on designer fragrances every month. Both options make it simple to select from among several hundred high-end perfumes. Perfumes, aftershaves, and body lotions are just some of the various offerings. Choosing between them might be challenging, though, because each service has its own benefits. This article will help you choose the best course of action by contrasting the two possibilities. To help you choose between Scentbox and Scentbird, we’ve laid down key similarities and distinctions between the two services below.

Scentbox Vs Scentbird Comparison

The detailed comparison between Scentbox Vs Scentbird is given below-

Scentbox and Scentbird are two examples of successful perfume subscription services. Both businesses offer monthly deliveries of high-end fragrances and cosmetics at prices that are significantly lower than what they would cost to purchase in stores. Both establishments let customers test out their fragrances for free before committing to a complete bottle.

You can tell the difference between Scentbox and Scentbird in no time by comparing their prices. Scentbox has three membership tiers that range in price from $15 per month to $19.99 per month, while Scentbird’s subscription service is always the same low monthly price of $14.95 no matter how many fragrance bottles you order. Users of both services have access to more than 500 designer labels, such as Burberry, Hugo Boss, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, and many more.

Another area where the two services differ is in shipping. When you join up for Scentbox, shipping is free no matter how much you order or where you live, but with Scentbird, it costs $4.95 no matter what.

For those who want to try out several scents before making a greater financial commitment, both companies are highly flexible by including free samples with each subscription plan they offer. Scentbird only includes one free sample with every buy, but you can save money on your favorite perfumes by using coupons for subsequent purchases of full-size bottles. The monthly subscription service Scentbox, on the other hand, sends you a sample of two different romantic fragrances with each transaction.

You can’t go wrong with either of these stores if you’re looking for reasonably priced, high-quality perfumes. You can save a lot of money on high-quality fragrances from both of these stores, and they also give you substantial samples to trial before you buy.

Scentbox Vs Scentbird Difference

The key difference between Scentbox Vs Scentbird is given below-

Scentbox subscribers can get one box every three months, while Scentbird users can choose between monthly or annual plans.
Scentbird has more than 450 fragrances available, but Scentbox only has 50.
When comparing prices, Scentbox is the better deal at $14.95 for 30 days and $50 every three months ($16.66 a month), while scentbird is more expensive but only lasts for 15 days.
Until their “Renewal Date,” scntbox users can choose any fragrance and swap it out twice during the three-month subscription. Scentbird, on the other hand, only lets you pick one box/fragrance every 15 days before renewing your subscription automatically.
Both make it simple to recycle used perfume bottles, but only scentbird gives customers money off their next order if they write a review of the brand or product they bought within 7 days.
Both Scentbox and Scentbird promise inexpensive prices without sacrificing quality, however buyers may find that Scentbox is less expensive in the long run.

Scentbox Vs Scentbird Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Scentbox Vs Scentbird is given below-

While Scentbird offers personalized scent recommendations, Scentbox offers a wide selection of hand-picked perfumes.Scentbox’s monthly service is paid for in advance, in contrast to Scentbird’s pay-as-you-go structure.
While Scentbird provides you with full-size perfume samples with each shipment, Scentbox allows you to customise your subscription to your olfactory tastes.Scentbird offers its consumers the option of purchasing either a 30 or 45 milliliter bottle of their chosen scent, while Scentbox subscribers receive a discounted three-month supply every month.
Both companies currently supply their products once per month, however this frequency can be increased to twice per month if necessary.
Scentbox customers also have access to special offers and deals not available to Scentbird members.

Scentbox Vs Scentbird- Which is better and why?

Instead of Scentbox, you should choose Scentbird. Since Scentbird requires a monthly membership to use its features. Without obligating you to any sort of contract, Scentbird will give you a fresh full-sized fragrance every month. You can always go back to your old perfume if you try something new and don’t like it. In addition, they offer a broader variety of perfumes than Scentbox does. If you want to explore various perfumes without breaking the bank, Scentbird is your best bet because their customer service is top-notch and they respond immediately to any questions or concerns you may have about your subscription.


Q: What is the difference between Scentbird and Scentbox?

The main difference between Scentbird and Scentbox is that with the former, you get to sample a new designer fragrance each month, while with the latter, you get to sample up to three different perfumes from a wide array of designers, niche brands, and indie companies. The monthly billing cycle offered by Scentbird is also more practical than Scentbox’s annual need.

Q: Are there any additional perks or benefits in Scentbox or Scentbird ?

There is no clear winner between the two, as both provide vast selections of high-quality scents at affordable prices. If you’re looking to switch up your perfume routine every month, Scentbird’s subscription service is exactly what you need. Subscribing to Scentbox annually may be the most economical option if you plan on selecting two or more fragrances on a regular basis.

Q: Is it possible to try before I buy through either provider?

Response 1: “Yes, without a doubt!” Sample vials of each service’s scents are included, so you may test them out before deciding whether or not to subscribe or buy a full bottle.

Q: Does one provider offer better packaging than the other?

To ensure that your product arrives safely and securely, both options currently use durable shipping boxes and cushioning materials like bubble wrap and foam sheets. Both of these containers, despite having significantly different designs, meet all of the standards set by the shipping industry to ensure the safety of their contents during transit.

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