Stitch Fix Vs Wantable comparison & Amp Difference- which is better?

Stitch Fix and Wantable are two of the most well-known online styling businesses accessible today. Both provide a one-of-a-kind, tailored experience by having a trained stylist choose and ship items specifically for the customer. This article compares the many services out there to help you make an informed decision. The following side-by-side comparison of Stitch Fix vs Wantable should help you make your choice.

Stitch Fix Vs Wantable Comparison

The detailed comparison between Stitch Fix Vs Wantable is given below-

There is no shortage of online fashion concierge services, but Stitch Fix and Wantable stand out. In a nutshell, their services show customers how to improve their own personal style.

Stitch Fix and Wantable’s approaches to personalization couldn’t be more dissimilar. As a rule, Stitch Fix prefers to provide multiple boxes each month. This enables you to experiment with different styles and find matching pieces for your wardrobe. However, Wantable places a premium on tailoring a box of clothing to your specific preferences, and it includes brands from all over the world.

Both companies charge a flat amount that varies depending on the nature of the service. In comparison to Stitch Fix’s $20 styling fee every order, Wantable’s base price for a box is just $20, plus shipping.

Stitch Fix’s customer service team is available around the clock via phone and live chat. When a shopper sends back an article of clothing, the business provides constructive criticism that helps the shopper make better decisions in the future. Wantable’s customer care is only available during business hours on weekdays, however the company’s extensive blog is available 24/7.

Last but not least, both companies use data-driven algorithms to tailor the details of customers’ orders to their specific preferences and body measurements (age, height, weight, etc.) and interests (such as preferred fashion styles or desired colors and prints for each garment type separately) before they are shipped.

When deciding between Stitch Fix and Wantable, it’s important to think about how well each service meets your specific needs, such as spending cap and need for personalized care.

Stitch Fix Vs Wantable Difference

The key difference between Stitch Fix Vs Wantable is given below-

The subscription-based personal styling service Stitch Fix stands in contrast to the multi-brand offerings of the e-commerce site Wantable.

When compared to Stitch Fix, which sends its customers a box of hand-picked clothing and accessories, Wantable focuses more on providing pre-selected things and less on providing personalized shopping services.

In contrast to Stitch Fix, whose business strategy compels you to buy everything in the box in order to enjoy the discount offered on the website, Wantable provides its customers more agency over their purchases by allowing them to keep or return each shipment.

Stitch Fix charges a $20 styling fee, which can be applied to the purchase of apparel or accessories (up to 25% of the total cost), whereas Wantables just charges $20 each box.Stitch Fix has 8094 unique styles for both men and women in sizes XS to XL, while Wantable exclusively carries brands in sizes small to 3X, with petite and tall options for women.

When returning an item, you may be eligible for a discount depending on whether or not you were highlighted on social media or recommended friends.

Stitch Fix Vs Wantable Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Stitch Fix Vs Wantable is given below-

Stitch Fix is an online boutique where clients may hire personal stylists and buy clothes. The Wantable Subscription Box is essentially a mini department store for clothing and accessories.

In a manner similar to Stitch Fix’s customer style profiles, Wantable chooses items for customers based on their expressed interest in their own unique style and feedback following each delivery.Stitch Fix sends out five things from its whole product range at once, whereas Wantable sends four to five hand-picked items based on the customer’s choices (including size, color, and more).

Popular brands like ASOS, Nasty Gal, and Urban Outfitters are featured on Wantable, but exclusive labels and personalized styling tips are what set Stitch Fix apart from the competition.

If you decide to keep a full-priced item from your Stitch Fix box, a $20 styling fee will be applied to your purchase; otherwise, you must send everything back (a return label will be included in your package). Payment is due upon delivery and you have the option to keep or return any item ordered through Wantable.

Stitch Fix Vs Wantable- Which is better and why?

The customized service that Stitch Fix offers its consumers makes it stand out from the competition, Wantable. In order to receive items that are tailored specifically to them, Stitch Fix customers fill out a detailed style profile. In addition, they receive personalized suggestions from a team of style experts. The selection of sizes and styles at Stitch Fix is considerably more extensive. Online orders include free delivery in both directions, and customers can request a free size exchange at any time prior to final payment. Wantable, in contrast to Stitch Fix, does not give customers as many options in terms of design and sizing, making it less suitable for customers who have specific tastes.


What are the main differences between Stitch Fix and Wantable?

Stitch Fix is more than just a personal styling service, as it also functions as a retail business. Wantable, on the other hand, focuses solely on this niche. Stitch Fix is cheaper than Wantable per box, on average.

Q2: Does Wantable offer more personalized styling than Stitch Fix?

Wantable offers more personalized service than Stitch Fix. The detailed style quiz answers and the customer’s Style Profile help Stitch Fix’s professional stylists better meet the needs of each individual consumer.

Q3: Which company has better customer service?

A3 is correct because both establishments provide excellent customer service. It has been said, however, that Wantable’s customer care is quicker to respond than Stitch Fix’s. When compared to Stitch Fix, returns handled by Wantable result in faster refunds.

I hope you like reading on comparison and difference between Stitch Fix Vs Wantable.

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